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The influence of enterprises is expanding constantly, and the architectural times has come to visit.

Company News
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A few days ago, Mr. Jin Jianxiang, chairman of the company, was interviewed by reporters. In the interview, the chairman of Jin Jianxiang mentioned the enterprise spirit of our company's "macro ingenuity, to Jing Xiamen", and also about our company's constant emphasis on professional and technical talents, the enterprise culture pursuing scientific and technological innovation, and the brand strategy of "seeking survival by quality and developing with credibility". While we are doing our work in a down-to-earth manner, our company is committed to building the whole industrial chain of green decoration and constantly adapting to the changes and demands of the market.
It is precisely because we have not forgotten the persistence and strict control of the original mind that we have witnessed the vigorous development of Hongxia today.
The article is published in the construction times jointly sponsored by the Ministry of construction industry of the Ministry of state construction, the China Construction Industry Association and the Shanghai construction industry group.