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The first quarter of 2019 President's Meeting of Haining Construction Industry Association was solemnly held in our company.

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On April 14, the chairman meeting of Haining Construction Industry Association in the first quarter of 2019 was solemnly held in the conference room on the fifth floor of our company. More than 30 people participated in the meeting, including the leaders of Haining Municipal Bureau and Branch, the president and Vice-President of the association and the secretariat.

The meeting was chaired by Yao Yueliang, president of Haining Construction Industry Association.
At the beginning of the meeting, the chairman of the company, Mr. Jin Jianxiang, as the organizer, made a welcome speech and warmly welcomed all the leading guests.
Before formally discussing the topics of the meeting, the Secretariat of the association first made a summary of the work in 2018, and then Wang Zhangming of the Construction Management Department decomposed the task of Haining City's construction industry output target in 2019, and reported the completion of Jiaxing and Haining's construction industry output value in the first quarter of 2019.
Dong Yigang of the Construction Administration Department has organized and studied the new documents of "Measures for the Management of the Real-name System of Construction Workers (Trial Implementation)" (No. 18 of Jiangshi [2019]) and "Regulations on Emergency Response to Production Safety Accidents" (Decree No. 708 of the State Council of the People's Republic of China) to guide enterprises to attach importance to the employment of migrant workers and safety in production.
The governing bodies exchanged speeches around the theme of the conference.