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Hongsha Construction's 2020 "Butterfly Changing New Leap Forward, Building the Future Together" Theme Annual Meeting

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At 13:58 on January 10, 2020, Zhejiang Hongsha Construction Co., Ltd.'s 2019 annual summary and commendation conference and the 2020 "Butterfly Change New Leap Forward, Concentrate to Build the Future" theme annual meeting were held in Tongxiang Expo Hotel. At this conference, we especially invited the former deputy director of Zhejiang Construction Department, the current honorary chairman of Zhejiang Building Decoration Industry Association, Mr. Zhi Zhirong, and the chairman of Zhejiang Building Decoration Industry Association, Ms. Jia Huaqin.

At the beginning of the meeting, under the leadership of the host, everyone read the Hongsha oath together, and then Liu Yuhai, the company's deputy general manager, made a summary of the 2019 work.

The company's assistant to the chairman / general manager of the new material management center Jin Yong delivered the speech and read the list of winners in 2019. 27 outstanding employees, 6 excellent construction workers, 4 excellent project managers, 4 excellent team representatives, 1 excellent department . The company leaders presented awards and group photos to the winners in recognition of their outstanding contributions in 2019. Then, the award-winning representatives spoke to express their gratitude to the company and good wishes for the company's future.

The development of the company is inseparable from the hard work of high-level leaders. The leaders of various departments made relevant speeches. Finally, the general manager of the company, Mr. Jin Jianxiang, made a concluding speech, which brought a successful conclusion to the 19-year commendation conference.

This year's annual meeting arranged choruses, songs, sketches, games, sweepstakes and other interesting links. The program was exciting and climaxes, bringing a unique visual event to everyone present. Allowing employees to taste delicious New Year's Eve dinner and enjoy the wonderful programs, while gaining a touch. At the dinner, the company's senior management and employees toasted to celebrate.

This evening party enriched the cultural life of employees and provided a stage for employees to show themselves. It also strengthened the internal cohesion of the company, enhanced employees' awareness of the company and a sense of belonging. Hongxia will be better tomorrow!