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"Wonderful, just because you and me" tea party

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In April 29, 2018, Zhejiang Hongxia Construction Co., Ltd., 2018, "wonderful, just because you and me" theme tea party was successfully held in the five floor conference room of the company. The tea party was strongly supported by the general manager. A total of more than 30 colleagues participated, and the atmosphere was very lively. We have discussed and communicated the work, life and future development direction. It fully demonstrates the good mental outlook of the Hongxia people and demonstrates the firm confidence of creating new brilliance in the new year. Hongxia people will continue to adhere to the healthy life, the idea of happy work, shape a good state of mind, with laughter, applause, cheers, and the footsteps of the construction of the macro building together as a whole, for the overall promotion of the construction of the macro building various work, to create good achievements and strive hard.