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Invited to attend the second meeting of the fifth member congress of Haining Construction Industry Association

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In July 9, 2017, the Fifth Congress of the Haining construction industry association was held at the second meeting. All the members of the building Association participated in the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the president of the association, Yao Yueliang.

In July 9, 2017, the main contents of the Haining municipal construction industry association meeting were as follows: 1. hearing and reviewing the report of the association's work; 2. hearing and reviewing the financial revenue and expenditure reports of the association and the municipal industry; 3. added and adjusted the Secretary General of the fifth Haining Construction Industry Association and the members of the Council.
President Yao pointed out that the construction industry is now the best period for historical development and full confidence in the development of the association. The second session of the fifth member congress was held. All members of the Architectural Association attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yao Yueliang, President of the association.