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The company's 2016 summing up commendation conference was held

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In January 18, 2017, the 2016 annual commendation conference was held in the five floor conference room.

At the meeting, Sun Yucheng's deputy chief and chief engineer was first made an annual summary report. In the report, we reviewed the outstanding achievements of the company in 2016, summarized the experience and shortcomings, and put forward the goals and tasks of the work in 2017.

Then Xu Jianzhong's deputy chief read out the list of the winners of the advanced personal and advanced collectives in 2016. Very exciting and enthusiastic scenes, these advanced individuals and groups are solid work, bold burden, willing to dedicate the representative, epitome, is a model for all the staff to learn. Later, more award-winning personnel and group representatives exchanged experiences.

Finally, Mr. Jin Jianxiang, the general manager, made a passionate speech. Kim always proposed that in the next work, he should recognize the situation, be firm in confidence, work together, difficult to attack, ensure the completion of the work goals and tasks of the 2017, and put forward targeted work goals and requirements for various departments. I hope all the staff of the company will be twisted into a rope and melt into a real big family. Everyone can do their duty without discount, innovation and change is not out of order, self confident and unself-self-confident, the practical work is not true, we cherish today, firmly grasp tomorrow, forward towards the goal!