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From yesterday to today, we have been adhering to the integrity of the business, embrace the ideal of "a better future of the city", the image of the construction of our macro building; from yesterday to today, we clinging to the quality of products, providing quality products and services for customers, is our glorious responsibility; from yesterday to today, I We have always devoted ourselves to brand building, creating our Hongxia brand with quality projects and market reputation.


Today, we attach importance to the mining and training of talents, regard the talent strategy as the great project of the great mansion, and create an excellent team that dares to innovate, does not fear the difficulties, and is brave to advance. It is an important guarantee for the sustainable development of the macro building. Today, we pay more attention to the strategic layout and planning of the enterprise, to do the deep decoration of the main industry and to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise, it is the mission that the macro people will not forget at the moment.


Look back on the road, only for the future. We take the enterprising spirit to face the future, give full play to the wisdom and courage of the people, and create a brighter and brighter tomorrow with the idea of winning a win-win situation.